About | Pete Hurley

While growing up in the Catholic School system of the Philadelphia suburbs Pete always felt a strong spiritual nature but was confused by the teachings and traditions of the church. Finally one day in his mid twenties he left up in the middle of the long winded priest's sermon and went home to try and answer life's most basic, challenging and profound questions. Like: who am I? Who or what is God? What is my life's purpose? Not completely ready to give up on Christianity he started his quest with "Genesis" - The first book of the Bible, and the starting point for most western religions. Then he started to look for the answers in science studying the vastness of space and the cosmos as well as Quantum physics and the very small.

After briefly studying all the major world religions the philosophy of Buddhism seemed to make the most sense to Pete, and compliment science and his beliefs the best. His sister had been chanting a Buddhist mantra " Nam Myoho Renge Kyo" for several years and was convinced it helped her life. Although it felt a little strange at first Pete was so impressed with the philosophy of Buddhism that he decided to give chanting a try. He had been advised to try chanting for 10 minutes/ day for 2 weeks, and if he did not feel any changes in his life he could stop. 10 minutes/ day soon turned into 2-3 hours/ day. It has been 15 years and he is still chanting everyday. This mantra helped guide Pete through life's many obstacles and challenges, and find value and opportunity in all situations. He feels his practice led him to the next steps of his inward spiritual journey. Ashtanga Yoga.

Pete was introduced to Ashtanga Yoga and Tim Miller in 2003, and has maintained a daily asana and pranayama practice ever since. He was fortunate to practice with Sri K. Pattabhi Jois on several occasions including a brief visit in Mysore, India before his passing. He completed Tim's 1st series teacher training in 2006 and 2nd series teacher training in 2008. Pete was immediately drawn to the spiritual aspects of Ashtanga yoga (especially pranayama) which both compliment and enhance his inward journey and awareness of spirit, mind, and body.

Although he considers himself more of a student of yoga then a teacher; his

passion and intense study have evolved into the next step of his path - helping others. His teacher Tim Miller has taught him many things about the practice, but most importantly he showed by example how DOING the practice consistently and accurately is the real teacher. Pete produced a free detailed video on Youtube of the primary series with an emphasis on breath, www.ashtanagayogavideos.com It is free to anyone who wants to learn the details of this traditional practice. Pete also hosts yoga retreats in Costa Rica bi monthly. www.yogaretreatinparadise.com

In 2006 Pete would meet the next guide in his spiritual journey. Sri Mata Amritanandamayi Devi from Kerela, India. More commonly known as Amma, she tours the world hugging and sharing love with every person that asks her. While meeting her at the LAX convention center along with thousands of people Pete was initially turned off by the hectic crowded environment. However he was also impressed with the huge organization built up around this living saint, and the incredible humanitarian works she does every day. She is a true living example of how to be a saint and love everyone unconditionally. Peter continues to see her at least 1 - visits per year and says every visit becomes more powerful and a stronger connection to this Mother of Bliss. He feels that when in her presence, and when given her darshan or blessing meditation is possible, and in fact happens easily and naturally. Amma has the profound effect of opening peoples hearts, and showing them the way, and meaning of serving others. For more go to www.amma.org There are several videos of Amma as well as other spiritual videos on various topics on Pete's free video curation website : SoulSeeker.tv

Pete has been fortunate to travel around the world and meet different saints and study different spiritual techniques from various cultures and religions. His Sadhana or daily practice has continued to change and evolve while his desire to to help others and share has also grown. Pete is happy to reply to any questions about yoga, Buddhism, and other matters by posting on the blog or sending an email. If you would like to attend one of his retreats in Costa Rica please visit the retreat site or send him an email.